The company ’AutoTest» produces a variety of awnings for cars of different brands. Our range is always available: tent on the Gazelle, trucks for trucks with trailers, and tents for equipment with non-standard body. We control the entire production process, starting from the production of material and to mount ready tents. This responsible approach guarantees the highest quality and durability.

In the manufacture of car tents used imported fabric made in South Korea (“HANHWA”) and fittings (BOZAMET, FRANZ MIEDERHOFF), fabric PVC manufactured in Germany, the company “MEHLER” These fabrics meet all modern standards. They are water resistant and do not let the UV rays, can withstand temperature from -45 to + 70 C without losing its properties. Fabric PVC is durable and wear resistant. Car awning of this fabric has a life of 7 years.

A wide range of colors PVC fabrics allows to make car tents and other products of almost any colors.

Car tents are made, both with regard to customs TIR requirements and for internal transport. Individual cutting any product attached to the awning aesthetic appearance with its geometric forms. On AutoTest in places of contact with the frame necessarily welded to the second layer of fabric – the amplifier.

Term of manufacturing of tents for any vehicle or trailer 1 day!

All work on awning fabrics PVC, are performed by hot air welding (650°C) automatic vehicles LEISTER Swiss made according to GOST 29151-91.

We are confident in the quality of its products, therefore, provided for each type of works extended warranty. The company ’AutoTest» guarantees the execution of orders of any complexity accurately within a predetermined time. We value every customer and will do everything to ensure that he continued to use our services.

Price from 200 to 250 rubles/sq. m

Manufacturing time from 1 day

"The center of Protection of the Car" was founded in 1999 and has more than fourteen years provides residents of Chelyabinsk full range of high-quality services for toning, booking and strengthening of the automotive glass.
Domestic owners of vehicles tinting glass machines is very popular. If we talk about the reasons for the demand for such operations, it is possible to focus on two main aspects are protective and aesthetic factors.
Rechargeable battery (battery) – this is the most important automotive device, without which the operation of the vehicle impossible. In normal mode the battery is charging from a car alternator with the engine running. But at long downtime of the vehicle, as well as in extreme cold the battery charge is greatly reduced and it may not be enough to start the engine. In this case indispensable acts as a charger for the car battery.