As the girl to choose the right car?

As the girl to choose the right car?

The girl behind the wheel of a car is already not extraordinary, but rather ordinary case, and stereotypes about women drivers have become irrelevant and obsolete.

The emancipation of women is developing rapidly, so the number of girls able to make money on the purchase of a car is increasing day by day. Accordingly, the challenge is the right choice for the right car.

Of course, first of all, the girls determine the priority of comfort and beauty, and then rely on consultants. Not to be mistaken, you must have a certain amount of knowledge about cars, which will help to make the right choice when buying.

The definition of the purpose of use of the car.

If you need a car, mainly to get around the city, it is recommended to choose small and maneuverable model. This will ensure easy Parking, and will save money on fuel, and for the hijackers such models are usually not interesting.

Lovers of high-speed travel over long distances, when buying, you should consider the power of the engine of the vehicle. In this case, the small car is not suitable, it is better to choose a class above.


Automatic transmission, undoubtedly, it is more convenient to use the car, however, the cost of maintenance models with such a gearbox is much higher than with a manual transmission.

Convenience and safety:

The vehicle must be not only attractive, but also quite comfortable. During the drive, nothing should disturb and distract behind the wheel.

The chair can fit the driver, it is necessary to adjust its position in the cabin.

Note the ability to adjust the steering wheel to not overdo it in the drive, the position of the hands should be as comfortable as possible.

Control panel and built-in gadgets are provided for ease of driving, and not Vice versa, so they should be provided with accessible and understandable options.

Safe driving is one of the most important requirements on the security level you need to pay special attention.

After becoming the winner of the long-awaited car, one should also not forget that with him acquired his lifelong service, so when buying definitely need to ask about further value.

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Rechargeable battery (battery) – this is the most important automotive device, without which the operation of the vehicle impossible. In normal mode the battery is charging from a car alternator with the engine running. But at long downtime of the vehicle, as well as in extreme cold the battery charge is greatly reduced and it may not be enough to start the engine. In this case indispensable acts as a charger for the car battery.