Mercedes-Benz: car brand,salon for sale or for pickup?

Mercedes-Benz: car brand,salon for sale or for pickup?

I confess a secret: I’m looking for a new car :). It is clear that the marketer even in this pleasant fact bored to search the car “just because”, so I decided to combine business with pleasure and go through a number of salons in the Metropolitan highway Kyiv as palmystery-shopper, and in parallel to get acquainted with a number of selected brands. Without going into too much detail, I would like to share marketing and sales considerations in the context of the current situation of the market and its poor microopto.

As a marketer, I understand the desire of manufacturers and their dealers to build a business process to sell cars so that customers come into the salon ready and all you need to do is to issue an invoice and submit a car for one ward. Such a car supermarket.

Since I’m not working at the dealership, maybe I just don’t know, but really all it is, and do not need:

a) leave the door open cars (indeed, what if the potential buyer will spit in a new car?);

b) approach the potential buyer – no, not a stupid question “what are You help” … at least to open the car, seeing that they are interested in (and suddenly the buyer sane and did not spit :)), or at least be there to answer his questions;

C) to periodically change the fittings in the toilets, since the budget is not allowed to buy a quality (or at least make 2 separate toilets – one for buyers ERISA, the second land much equipment, if the average price of the car does not cover payment for quality plumbing and other accessories) .

Instead you should definitely:

a) to arrange the buyer lecture spanking on the topic “what is the difference between crossover from the SUV, even if he (the buyer) you are 10 years older (if you ignore the fact that he is – in principle – the buyer and therefore a priori rights (if, I repeat, not spitting in the cabin);

b) go to work in a greasy suit, and Smoking in the workplace (even if you have a (decent) auto salon is worth 400 thousand).

In order not to take time esteemed audience, listing dozens of other identified deficiencies, I will only say that, not being a supporter of aggressive sales tactics (in the style of “canadian wholesale or collection debt collection companies) would dare to say that in Danish the automotive Kingdom is not so good to volacno scratching wait when the client will come to-come ready and salvage 🙂 and don’t do ANYTHING to inspire/engage/hold or to make at least the advocate of the brand! If even bought (although this is not my case – I really real buyer), then at least said a kind word 2-3M to your friends!

And even if the owners of the companies-dealers have long pushed investment in built centres, and they just don’t need the money (as revealed in the last time, profit is not always the goal of business), the producers then certainly you need someone to Park their cars (but it still will rust :)). And even if the producers do not have the goal of selling the car (just don’t tell about the queues for the most popular models – they just do not exist in Ukraine, at least for now), to preserve the credibility of the brand though would you? And then uneven hour, when dear selling point-respected brand will become the usual place for Dating – what else can you do in the store, where it is simply not being sale?

p.s. will continue my search in the following weekend in AutoCity at the District (these are newer and just haven’t managed to beat back the money invested, so the chance to see there are normal sale above) and will tell you how it all ended; and automanager me remind you that our Agency is engaged in, among other things mystery shopping and can help to correct sales with research tools… oops! who am I now talking. )))))

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