The Mercedes, Audi, Mazda and Toyota have become leaders in reliability in Germany

The Mercedes, Audi, Mazda and Toyota have become leaders in reliability in Germany

Moscow. on November 27. – the Most reliable cars in Germany are machinery of local production, as well as Japanese companies, among outsiders was, basically, the model of the French automakers, says the magazine Focus.

According to the results of tests conducted by organizations TUV, Dekra and GTU, the top five were two models from Mercedes: the third generation of the sports convertible SLK (R172) and SUV GLK. In addition, most reliable used cars are Audi A1, Mazda 2 and the Toyota Prius.

The greatest number of disadvantages, the experts found the car of French manufacturers. So, negative evaluations received four models of Renault – Dacia Logan, Sandero, Megane and Laguna. Among the worst came in the Citroen C5 and BMW 5-series (model E60, produced in 2003-2007), reports Deutsche Welle.

For ranking experts from the society for technical control and supervision TUV spent a total of 8.5 million tests and compared 226 models. The overall score was based on the average number of technical disadvantages of the tested models.

Society of technical control GTU determined the location of a particular model in their ranking according to the number of faults per 100 cars of each model.

Office of technical supervision Dekra proceeded from the fact that in Germany a mileage of 100 thousand kilometers usually corresponds to the period of operation of the vehicle from six to seven years. Taking into account the number of cars of a particular model with a serious fault, as well as lack thereof. On the basis of these data services experts can determine their own index of reliability of used cars (Dekra Mangelindex).

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