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It is proposed to allow the use of maternity capital to buy a car

The public chamber of the Russian Federation requests the Ministry of labor to consider the possibility of allocating funds of the parent capital for the purchase of the car. According to the press service of the OP of the Russian Federation, the corresponding letter sent to the Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin Committee Chairman OP the Russian Federation on social support of citizensand the quality of life of Vladimir Slepak.

The need for consideration of the issue of the extension of uses of funds of the parent capital society associates with numerous citizens experiencing a great demand in the vehicle.

“to Move with the children in the village and the city by car is much easier than public transport. But, despite the fact that many families would like to spend the parent capital for the purchase of a car, the law that possibility does not provide”, – the statement OP the Russian Federation.

In addition, it is assumed that the purchase of the vehicle at a reduced rate with the right of use of maternity capital may be an additional incentive to attract consumers to the auto industry.

OP the Russian Federation in its letter indicates the successful experience of some regions of Russia where to purchase machines you can use regional maternity capital. Buying a vehicle in such subjects of the Russian Federation provides for the funds of the certificate or using a car loan. The members of the public chamber of the Russian Federation considers it reasonable to extend this experience at the Federal level.

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