Selection of cars

Selection of cars

Some clients, especially beginners motorists or very busy people, it is difficult to find even a few good options. For them the company SelectAuto offers a service selection auto settings.

What? Depends entirely on the client. This may be the purchase amount and the approximate year of manufacture or very specific information, including the make and model.

Pre-specialists SelectAuto assess the feasibility of the requests, because the success of the search of the car on the secondary market is largely dependent upon the adequacy of the amount the client is willing to spend on your dream.

If the client does not have specific requirements to the brand and model, specialists tend to choose Continue reading

"The center of Protection of the Car" was founded in 1999 and has more than fourteen years provides residents of Chelyabinsk full range of high-quality services for toning, booking and strengthening of the automotive glass.
Domestic owners of vehicles tinting glass machines is very popular. If we talk about the reasons for the demand for such operations, it is possible to focus on two main aspects are protective and aesthetic factors.
Rechargeable battery (battery) – this is the most important automotive device, without which the operation of the vehicle impossible. In normal mode the battery is charging from a car alternator with the engine running. But at long downtime of the vehicle, as well as in extreme cold the battery charge is greatly reduced and it may not be enough to start the engine. In this case indispensable acts as a charger for the car battery.