The best brand of car

The best brand of car

U.S. Agency J.D. Power and Associates surveyed 80 thousands of drivers and found out what is the best brand of car . at least on the subjective opinion of motorists. In the first place was the Lexus, on the second Porsche and third Cadillac.

We must say – in this case, takes into account not only the number of faults per 100 cars. Drivers were asked to assess his car at 228 criteria. Including to indicate problems with the ergonomics, deceived the expectations of the owner and so on. In General, take into account absolutely all the criticism and the whims of motorists.


According to J. D. Power and Associates, this year has been a significantleap forward in improving the quality of the machines. Last year, for every 100 cars industry average was 118 complaints, this is 108. And ten points in just one year is a lot. As leaders, we can note the progress Lexus. Last year the brand was assessed in 99 problems, but this is already 84. Thanks Lexus and was able to outrun a Porsche (90 problems per 100 vehicles). Moreover, the Lexus LX has received the least amount of complaints among models is only 52.

In addition, experts say brand Suzuki – this company has made a real jump from 32nd on the 9th place in the overall standings.

Should be named and major losers rating of J. D. Power and Associates. It is not strange, but most of the claims of the Americans appeared to Mini – immediately 165 complaints. Not too good looks and Land Rover (150). Dissatisfied with American drivers machines brand Smart, Saab, Jeep, Hummer, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Jaguar and Dodge.

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