* Note to specifications

* Note to specifications

All the engines meet the requirements of the standard EU5. Fuel consumption is determined in a test cycle ECE (93/116/EC), having the following composition: approximately one third falls on the urban mode and two – thirds of the countryside (the distance traveled). CO2 emissions are measured simultaneously with the fuel in the same cycle. The fuel flow rates are calculated for standard-specification vehicles. Installation of special equipment (e.g. wider tyres) can have a significant impact on fuel consumption.

The technical data is valid only for models on the German market. The model described on these web pages, can be fitted with additional equipment and accessories that are not standard. Because of differences in the requirements in the markets of other countries of the characteristics of the models, standard and optional equipment not always correspond described in the text and the audience in the illustrations. Additional information can be obtained from your local BMW dealer. Modifications of design and packaging.

Mass without load (EU) (kg): values are subject to fill the tank to 90 %, of the weight of the driver 68 kg and weight of Luggage 7 kg weight without load are given for standard-specification vehicles. Installation of additional equipment can lead to increased specified value.

Power output: BMW recommends the use of unleaded premium gasoline with a research octane number of 95. You can also use unleaded petrol with a research octane number of 91 or higher, containing not more than 10 % ethanol (E10). These traction and dynamic performance and fuel consumption are achieved with the use of gasoline with a research octane number 98.

"The center of Protection of the Car" was founded in 1999 and has more than fourteen years provides residents of Chelyabinsk full range of high-quality services for toning, booking and strengthening of the automotive glass.
Domestic owners of vehicles tinting glass machines is very popular. If we talk about the reasons for the demand for such operations, it is possible to focus on two main aspects are protective and aesthetic factors.
Rechargeable battery (battery) – this is the most important automotive device, without which the operation of the vehicle impossible. In normal mode the battery is charging from a car alternator with the engine running. But at long downtime of the vehicle, as well as in extreme cold the battery charge is greatly reduced and it may not be enough to start the engine. In this case indispensable acts as a charger for the car battery.