Jeep-trial – What is it? Classes of cars. The history of creation

Jeep-trial – What is it? Classes of cars. The history of creation.

Jeep-trial (jeep trial) is an automobile race, held closed with artificial and/or natural obstacles highway, located on the rugged terrain and divided into test Sections.

The main competitive factor jeep trial is unmistakable overcoming obstacles identified and located on a road course gates in minimal time, not to exceed the allotted time limit.

The gates are placed in a certain position, and can be done only in a certain direction (the number of gates should be left while moving). The gates is usually denoted by two landmarks, showing the number of gates. All gates are passed by ordinal. I.e. the participant is unable at first to move into third, and then the second gate. For all the shortcomings, the participant receives penalty points, including not passed the gates, the delay in the passage of time, down or touch the pylon gates and even not a phenomenon on the track.

Under different classes of machines in the jeep trial prepare the route of passage. All classes have their own requirements. Usually before a competition conducted technical inspection of the vehicle and its results can override the class.

There are 5 classes:

The original (Original) – original (standard) cars. In this class you will be able to try out almost any owner of a SUV. Standard vehicle state is the state in which it left the Assembly line of the manufacturer. All accessories and special equipment that may be installed at the factory, is permitted if there is no corresponding restrictions. Old cars can be upgraded to the status models released later. Maximum tire size 825 x 275 mm Maximum tread depth 16 mm

Standard (standard) – production vehicles for which it is permitted: lift the body up to 50 mm minor tunig suspension with the preservation of its type (for example springs/springs), maximum tire size: 900 x 320 mm and a maximum tread pattern depth: 20 mm It also allows tuning of the engine, in addition to the installation of additional equipment (installation of supercharging/turbocharging, nitrous system). It is forbidden to change the drive type (full-time, part-time). Allowed any locking differentials.

Modify (Modified) modified production vehicles. Pets deep tunig standard car, for example: the installation of other bridges of the same type, the installation of any lock and so on

Premodify (Promodified) radically altered the standard car. Allow any tuning until you change the frame, motors, allowed to set separate brakes. The main requirement, the vehicle must be similar to serial, and it is prohibited to install the driven rear axle.

Prototype (Prototypes) – specially assembled “burgers” with steerable rear axle. These machines allow us not only to overcome impassable barriers, but also to expose the participant to the desired height of the suspension, and to control the rear wheels. Mainly in the jeep trial this class is the most spectacular.

The machine itself is usually not doing much. Firstly there is a limit on the weight of the car, usually it is 3.5 tons. Secondly making machine for jeep trial large profitable because it must fit in passing in the course dimensions of the gate.


The prototype of this type of motor sport became popular in the United States, rock crawling and truck trial. It was Americans who were the first to “kill” their SUVs on the rocks and to drive heavy trucks wetlands and heaps of stones and trees.

In Russia jeep-trial began to develop in 1999-2000. In 2003 the Russian automobile Federation officially recognized the jeep-trial as a sport. At the same time was the first championship of Russia on the jeep trial.

Piperska party began to form in Moscow and St. Petersburg and consisted initially of a few hundred people. Gradually, the movement spread. Today clubs of fans of SUVs exist in Tver, Bryansk, Sochi and Vladivostok, and the expense of women, who sport tens of thousands.

In addition to the Russian competitions are competitions and in Europe. Including is held every summer championship Jeep trial, which is referred to as the EuroTrial.

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